Why use TEFL International Cambodia?

You are going to get great training and excellent advice to start your TEFL/TESOL adventure with TEFL International Cambodia – Siem Reap.

In completing your TEFL International Cambodia accredited 120 hour TESOL Certificate course you will learn the effective practices of teaching.

“Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL), also known as “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) .

All TEFL/TESOL training centres create their own  courses. As a result no standard certification program exists in the TEFL/TESOL industry. Therefore quality can differ vastly from course to course. Potential future employers know this and they research TESOL certification centres. Data basis exists about the training centres schools can trust. Most of all, schools trust TEFL International Cambodia as a source for new English teachers. That is why it is very important to know what you are getting before you sign up.

We have conducted TESOL certification classes for many years. Most of all we are stable, reliable, and we know what we are doing. We promise you some good things in your life from our course.  But we will never promise you anything we cannot deliver! Your choices of where to teach in Cambodia, Thailand, the East and other countries overseas are almost endless!

You should find confidence knowing that the TEFL International Cambodia course, is world-renowned.

Our course prepare trainees for the teaching profession in their home countries or abroad. Therefore our course represents an ideal opportunity for you to see the world. Experience different cultures while you teach and travel. Most of all, our past trainees highly recommend us.

The TEFL International Cambodia TESOL Certificate is for one who wants a truly solid accredited teacher training program. Getting real world, hands on practice, teaching to real learners of English as a second/foreign language.  Most of all you will have a lot of fun while doing the course. The course has activities built-in so you can actually experience and explore Siem Reap.

If you think that’s you, then our program is for you. We will make it your best possible option. Whether you are coming to work abroad for a short time, or want to make a career change.

We welcome your reaction, comments and requests for more information.  (No spam please, you will not receive spam from us, information  goes direct to the owner of TEFL International Cambodia):

TEFL International – Affiliations

All TEFL International courses are validated and credit-bearing by Lamar University (USA), and the Paris College of International Education (France).

Accredited by Lamar University(USA).

All TEFL International courses are validated through Lamar University (Texas, USA). Lamar University recognizes the TEFL International certificate course as a three-credit undergraduate university course. An official transcript is available to each student.

Lamar University is part of the Texas State university system and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award degrees at the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Paris College of International Education (France)

Each student receives an official transcript from the Paris College of International Education with their TEFL International Certificate.

The Rector of the Paris Academy, Rector of the Ile-de-France academic region has approved PARIS COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION as a higher education establishment. Therefore, Paris College of International Education is a virtual college recognized by the Paris Academy as degree-granting.

Through the UNESCO Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees concerning Higher Education in the States belonging to the Europe Region 1979, degrees from PCIE will be recognized by nations around the world.

Teach English in Cambodia

Why do foreign teachers like to teach English in Cambodia?

Most foreigners choose to teach English in Cambodia because the requirements to teach are quite low.

Furthermore getting a job to teach English in Cambodia without a degree is not difficult for most teachers. Although a bachelor’s degree can help you get a job to teach English you do not need a degree.  But, most of all you do not need a specific teaching degree. Teachers that did the TEFL International course in Koh Kong and now Siem Reap, Cambodia, got work in their first week after the course.

Having a TEFL International Cambodia, TESOL Certificate is to your advantage. Because it will increase your chances of getting a higher-paying job at a better school. However, to teach English at one of the real International schools in town, you will need a proper teaching degree.Teach English in Cambodia to these friendly students.

Cambodia is a popular destination for TEFL/TESOL teachers who wants to gain valuable cultural experience.  The country has a  rich diversity of cultures and traditions. Cambodia also prides itself on a deep history, a tropical climate, and a renowned hospitality.

However, it is much more than just a place with enchanting temples, beautiful islands and beaches, friendly people, great climate and cheap shopping. Cambodia is an incredible destination.  This is due to its great palaces, temples, markets, spas, fine dining and some of the best hotels in the world.

There are amazing Benefits to Teach English In Cambodia…….

  • No degree required.
  • Discover what Thailand was like 25 years ago. (Therefore, No visa runs and 90 day reporting like in Thailand.)
  • Very friendly and rather welcoming people.
  • Huge demand for English teachers!
  • Very low-cost of living ($0.75 for a beer. From $150 per month for housing).
  • Ease of travel to and from Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Ordinary Visa – bought on arrival and easily extended in the country.
  • Discover Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument.
  • Enjoy an authentic cultural experience.
  • Year round warm weather.
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn children.
  • Pristine, palm-fringed beaches in Sihanoukville waiting for you.
  • Experience the vibrant and charming capital city of Phnom Penh.
  • Easy, laid-back and relaxed. So what are you waiting for?

Teach English in this cultural rich country

Job prospects throughout Cambodia and Asia are very good and easily available for citizens from most countries.

International Teacher Training Organisation

TEFL International Cambodia is an international teacher training organisation :

TEFL International Cambodia is an international teacher training organisation.
We create inter-cultural learning experiences for our customers through teaching and diverse services. Services such as: teacher training, language education and camps.

Most of all we are a fun, innovative, responsible, culturally sensitive and high value company. As an international teacher-training organisation we especially focus on our customers’ personal growth and satisfaction. We strive to teach people English language skills so people worldwide can communicate better. Therefore we give valuable experiences and skills for both those in need and those who seek to improve their lives. This is a highly valued aspect of our business.

The international teacher training course offered at TEFL International Cambodia will give you the training needed to teach. But, most of all, it will give you the qualifications you need to enter the world of English language teaching. A TEFL/TESOL certificate  has become a necessary qualification for all teachers who wish to teach English as a second/foreign language.

Training with us, whether as a first-time teacher or an experienced teacher, our TESOL  certificate will give you the necessary skills to manage a productive classroom.
Gerhardt receiving his Certificate from TEFL International Cambodia, an international teacher training organisation.

The goal of TEFL International Cambodia.

The goal of TEFL International Cambodia is to create a friendly, supportive and non-corporate TESOL course that offers expert training. It is especially relevant for us is to create a personal relationship with our students.

What makes TEFL International Cambodia different is very simple. We offer more training, more teaching practice and more hands on support than most other courses do worldwide. This is due to our relationship with schools where teachers do their observation and practical teaching.

Mostly what really makes us stand out though is our sense of community. This is the true reason for our success over the years. We always keep in touch with our past students. Therefore it is common for everyone to stay friends after the course is over. We network with past students worldwide through a members only Facebook page.

International training organisation, Tefl International, bringing past students together for an excursion.

The international teacher training program in Siem Reap include.

  • The documents required to apply for an “E” type visa at a Cambodian Embassy in your country or the nearest one to your country.
  • A step by step guide to get you from your country to the training center whilst Covid restrictions are still in place.
  • We will help you arrange transport from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap after you’ve completed your Covid quarantine.
  • Help getting a SIM card:  you can set up your phone to keep up ID’s and connection to friends and family.
  • Tuition Includes;
    • Course books in electronic form so you don’t have to travel with heavy books. Bring a Flash stick so we can copy the books and other info for you.
    • Material needed during the course.
    • Observed teaching practice to real Cambodian learners of English as a second/foreign language.
    • Eastern culture, language, society and manners.
    • The teacher professional code of ethics.
    • Certification and moderation fees.
    • Internationally recognised TESOL Certificate (120 Hours)
  • Visa extension help
  • Assistance with Resume / CV creation
  • We will arrange guesthouse/hotel accommodation for 1 month from only +-$150 extra, payable with your deposit(first come first served basis).
  • We will help you secure other accommodation at approved guest houses if you don’t want our option as in the Brochure. Prices are dependent on the season.
  • Job placement help, advice and support. We have a 100% track record of teachers getting work within 14 days of classes’ conclusion
  • We will take you on an excursion through Siem Reap.  As a result you will see some of the local markets, temples, historical places, etc. as part of the Cultural experience.
  • 2 x 1 – day excursions that could include Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap freshwater lake and boat trip, Angkor Mini Golf(putt putt), etc. (weather permitting, expense not included)
  • Peace of mind, because you are doing a course recognised internationally.

The cost of the course: Deposit – $600 when you book your course and $990 on or before the first day of the course.

The deposit is non refundable, but if you have to move your course date for some or other reason we will keep this for up to 6 months.

The course fees once it is paid becomes non refundable.

Please take note that airfares, visas, accommodation and food are not included.


Teach English in Temple Town

Teach English in Temple Town, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Watch our short video and hit the button below to enroll. We will supply you with all the documents to apply for a visa, even during this Covid pandemic.

Teach English in Cambodia

Do you want to Teach English in Cambodia? This video will show you how to gain English teaching skills and qualifications in Cambodia, so you can teach English in Cambodia and anywhere in the world. Contact us.

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Course dates: TEFL International Cambodia, Siem Reap.

Course dates for Siem Reap training center.

Course dates refer to the month the course begins on; e.g. 12 June – 07 July is the course for June. All courses begin on a Monday and all housing is available from the Saturday before the course begins. If given notice, we are more than happy to house you earlier.

Regardless of your arrival day and time, we ask that you help us in preparing for all arrivals by providing us with your travel arrangements as soon as possible via email.  As soon as you confirm your travel plans,  send us your itinerary. Help us help you by providing this information on time please.

A contracted taxi driver from TEFL International Cambodia will be waiting at the airport. He will greet you and take you to your accommodation.

Course Dates for 2021

  • 04 January – 29 January
  • 01 February – 26 February
  • 08 March – 02 April
  • 19 April – 12 May
  • 24 May – 17 Jun
  • 21 June – 16 July
  • 19 July – 13 August
  • 23 August – 17 September
  • 27 September – 22 October
  • 01 November – 26 November
  • 29 November – 24 December

Select your course dates and enjoy Cambodia with us.